15 NFL Athletes You Didn’t Know Lived With Disorders


Image by Dirk DBQ via Flickr

The helmets worn by athletes on an NFL field hide more than their faces and hairstyles, it hides their pain and struggles too. Athletes have hid behind the face mask to put aside their personal struggles in an effort to compete at the highest level of their sport for years. But there is a higher level of awareness about mental health and other disorders that athletes have suppressed in order to be perceived as “normal”. Professional athletes all over the world are showing us how it’s ok to not be ok, talking about your struggles takes strength and is not seen as weakness. The modern athlete has to deal with so much of their life in the spotlight because of the rise of social media and increasing access to athletes personal lives through various media channels. The criticism and scrutiny from fans and pundits are louder now than any other period in American sport history. This article highlights 15 NFL athletes you probably didn’t know lived with disorders…

From time to time, the NFL’s decision to suspend a player for violating the league’s substance abuse policy is a questionable one. In respect to Broncos tight end Virgil Green, it sounds downright wrong as the very substance he was suspended for using, is the one he needs to treat his mental health. via 15 NFL Players You Didn’t Know Lived With Disorders