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WHAT IS PerformUS?

PerformUS is an online and live coaching and training platform created by Gary Frazier designed to optimize people and organizations. We provide the training and tools to help individuals uncover and super-charge their skills so they can be their very best every day — regardless of conditions or environment. 

The skills we teach and coach are evidence-based and empirically researched. Our mindset training has been used by the top high performing leaders, from Military and professional athletes, to Fortune 500 executives, to A-list celebrities, and now you.


Our mission is to elevate the next generation of high performers through mindset training and personal development.



A foundational digital course based on the 4 principles of training your mind. Filled with exclusive applied practices and mindset insights to ignite the potential of your team.

NEW Team Program:


For Athletes & Players – the AthleteDISC Profile

Get practical strategies that will help you coach athletes based on their individual needs. Know the behaviors that produce their best performances so your athletes can achieve greater consistency and perform when it counts the most. Help your athletes build self-awareness, a key contributor in making improvements and taking greater responsibility for their behavior on and off the ‘field’.

For Coaches – the CoachDISC Profile

The distinguishing factor of great coaches is their constant pursuit of the competitive edge both in their athletes and themselves. Coaches will better understand their coaching styles (and their fellow-coaches and staff) and find new ways to further improve their coaching and communication with athletes and others. Ultimately, this results in increased success!

For Sports Administrators & Professionals – the Sports ManagerDISC Profile

Provide your people with a comprehensive understanding of themselves and those they work with. It quickly improves communication, working relationships and ultimately results. Use in recruitment or as a foundation for professional development plans and part of a team building exercise.





Our digital course provides the foundational application of mindset skills to unlock high performance.

Unlock YOUR Potential

Learn the skills to stop over-thinking the course of action needed to execute. Perform on demand and do what you’ve been trained to do.

Optimize YOUR TEAM

Understand how to create a high performing culture and work environment. Learn how to teach those you lead to be the best player for the team instead of trying to be the best player on the team.

IGNITE YOUR Performance

Develop the skills, habits, and routines of the world’s top performers. Learn how to train your mind and the minds of those that you lead.

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